This is a glossary of terms used when talking about allergies. Also of terms I made up because I’m too lazy to write out a whole single phrase every time, and Word hasn’t invented a multiple copy-paste function in which it can hold several phrases in memory.

Food fillers: Additives or low-cost foods that are used to fill up processed food.

Funky experiment: A new recipe you come up with, and that replaces conventional store-bought food containing an allergen your child may react to. Your result is nutritious, won’t give your child a belly ache or cause a stronger reaction, and will hopefully be yummy.

Hagelslag: Funny Dutch chocolate sparkles used as bread topping.

KWA: Kid with allergies. I’m not a fan of using the term allergic kids. It defines the child too much.  She or he is not an allergic being. She or he has allergies. Different ways of looking at it.

POKWA: Parents of kids with allergies.

Snackxiety: The anxiety I experience over snacks that will or will not consumed by my kids when I’m not there.