Yums for All is a blog about life and allergies, and how to reconcile both in the easiest way possible. My name is Stella. I live in Breda, the Netherlands. I write in English because I’m Canadian. I’m married to a great guy, Chris, and together we have 2 awesome kids, Manoli and Aenea.

I started writing this blog in my head years ago. The joys, the surprises, the ups and downs, the inventions. Oh, all the crazy creations we came up so the kids could have what others were having. Like that time I gave my kid an apple and all the kids got an apple too.

Not really.

You see, our lovely kids have allergies. And while they lead a pretty normal life, there are countless moments at home, school, visits, trips, and pretty much everywhere and any time, when we’re faced with dealing with an allergy issue. Something we need to think about before making a decision, even if it’s for a split second.

Regarding credentials. I’m a mom and have 6 years of experience dealing with food allergies, and how to handle 2 kids who have them. I read a lot about nutrition. I make and sell my own skin cream (Primrose) for kids, adore cooking and experimenting. No certifications of any kind, except the one from my kids. They’re happy, healthy, well rested, and relatively clean. That’s my diploma. I’m also a copywriter.

So hopefully, what was in my head, at least, the useful parts, will be published on this blog. Moments, discoveries, foods, snacks, tricks, letters, ingredients, skin care, the environment and how it’s affected by how we eat. The occasional and completely unrelated rant, and maybe more.

I want to share experiences about those moments, and hopefully you’ll tell me about yours too.