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The New Poff-eitjes

My daughter was invited to a bday party not long ago. One of the foods that was served was poffertjes. Those delightful Dutch mini-pancakes served with a wad of butter and a tornado of powdered sugar. Anyway, I made them for my daughter to bring at the birthday party.

That was in the morning. Lunch arrived and I hadn’t washed the cast iron poffertjes pan. I felt lazy. The thought of lifting that 8-pounder was just too much for a Sunday morning after just one coffee.

As I was preparing an omelette for lunch while resentfully eyeing the offending dirty pan taking up room on the stovetop, I had a thought. Maybe you can guess.

Eggs and an already oiled pan. Because by then it had graduated to, shit it’s still dirty, to hey, it’s already oiled!

I did the unthinkable and used the poffertjes pan for something other than its sole purpose. An omelette. Or rather, lots of tiny ones. And it really worked! I’d love to share the recipe, but really, it’s the same as making an omelette.

For the ones I made, I populated the pan with bits of bacon, olives and cheese, and poured a bit of egg into each small crevasse.

Here are the results!




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