life happens


dilbert-snackSnackxiety: The anxiety I experience over snacks that will or will not consumed by my kids when I’m not there.

Mostly, it’s when my kids go on a play date or a party and I’m not staying with them. Which is happening, increasingly. Of course. Kids are growing, meeting new people, going new places.

There’s the one thing. The thing where I haven’t allergy-informed the adult of the house/place where my kids are going to be.

I can call, text, shout. But I can’t tell the entire world about my kids’ dietary requirements. What I can do, is my best to educate my kids about their own allergies. About what they can or cannot eat or drink. And as for myself, what I can do, is trust them.

Do you have the same feeling sometimes?  Would love to hear your thoughts.


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